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Security Controllers For USB Tokens

usb lock is a USB security software program that can protect USB flash drives, USB hard drives, memory cards and other storage media from unintended data theft. The software runs with plug and play and will instantly react when a USB drive is plugged in. If the USB flash drive is secured, the software will request the password before allowing access to the plugged-in device.usb security token

Until the password application is run and the appropriate password is entered, when the USB MSC driver 210 polls the secured removable media drive 100, the storage device 100 responds with an indication that the media in the secured drive area 120 is not available. This operation is provided by leveraging the protocol protect usb for a Multiple-LUN device with removable media. The USB MSC driver 210 will continue to poll the secure storage device 100 for accessible media and the storage device 100 will continue to respond with an indication that no media is available as long as the secured media section 120 remains password protected.

Protect your data. Avoid copying sensitive personal data such as your Social Security, credit card or bank account information on a USB device. Unless the computer does not support, or has USB-boot disabled, you will be able to use your USB drive to start up any secure usb PC (which can be VERY handy). If it’s along the lines as noted by Ian Mason above, exploiting insecure (but not per se part of any USB standard) vendor firmware updating mechanisms, I’ll be rather disappointed, even though that’s certainly an attack vector.